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WTWYM - New Live Coaching Program

Section 1: Clarity and Alignment 

Walk away with feeling powerful and connected with your core self. Walk away with knowing your core message so you can connected with like-minded people who understand where you are coming from. When you truly connect with yourself, you begin to flow. Flow create everything else that you need in your business or life. In this section you'll learn how to let go of resistance, peel off different layers of your identity, understand your subconscious auto-programming and tap into a NEW YOU or the you that you desire. 

  • Tap into the Power of You 
  • Understand your core message and your core purpose
  • Craft the stories of transformation that will pull your audience in
  • Craft your unnoticed and well-known identity
  • Identify your value pillars


Section 2: Your Unique Method

Are you simply repeating information in your program/course that already exists?


Are you struggling to create a step-by-step framework (because that's the only one you have learnt) and deep down you feel that your course doesn't need to be a step-by-step framework.


Are you stuck because you can't pull the right information in your program that will make you well-known in your niche for your program?


Are you simply stuck because you do not know how to put your information in digestible pieces?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions then this section will change your life. This will not only confirm that you have a course outlines by the end but will also confirm that you have a unique solution that you will become well-known for. 

  • Process to build your signature framework 
  • Identify your methodology pillars
  • Identify your messaging pillars

Without your unique solution you will not stand out. In fact, it's not even about whether you stand out or not it's about creating a method or solution that becomes absolutely impossible for people to separate out from you. It's simple and unique. No.1 rule of standing out is to "see yourself as in inventor". In this section you will learn all the tools and strategies to take what you already know and convert it into a framework that is digestible yet effective 

Section 3: Putting “Everything in a Funnel”

  • Learn how to structure your content so you put it out in a way that it attracts people, creates demand, helps you stand out, and build your email list on etc.
  • It's one thing to craft your framework, your program and to dial in to your core self but without putting all the gears into the machine the machine will not work. 

I understand that after going through these sections, most of you will have questions that will have to be addressed before you start putting things out there in the world, 

I also understand that you need an audience to go through the system, that machine, so that you can actually build a course business,



Bonus 1: Build your audience at $1 per day running FB & IG ads

Bonus 2: Three live QnA Sessions Per Section


One 90 min 1:1 coaching session with me [once you are through with the program]